What are Dentures?

Dentures are a set of dental prostheses or ‘false teeth’  that aid in replacing missing teeth and oral tissues to rebuild the form, function, appearance, and health of the teeth and gums.

In other words, it is the improvement of teeth and the supporting tissues by artificial alternatives that can or cannot be removed from the mouth.

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Why do I need dentures?

As mentioned earlier, dentures or ‘false teeth’ may or may not be removable. The use of dentures is not confined to older patients alone. In some cases, a younger group of patients may be advised to receive a set of dentures too.

You may need dentures for one or more of the following reasons :

1. If you experience difficulty chewing food due to the absence of some teeth.

2. If you have trouble in talking or in your pronunciations due to missing teeth.

3. If your lips or cheek appear sunken due to the loss of teeth in that particular area.

4. If you encounter pain often in or around your ear or hear a click-click sound on opening and closing your mouth in addition to having multiple missing or lost teeth.

5. You have numerous missing teeth, badly broken teeth, deep cavities or ‘loose’ teeth that require immediate replacement.

7. You realise that the gaps between your teeth are expanding as time passes.- improve the smile by closing gaps.

8. You wish to replace your missing teeth for cosmetic aesthetic- purposes.

Our team at Molonglo Dental Surgery will ensure a complete diagnostic check-up and help you with various treatment options to improve your smile and your life. Do not hesitate to book an appointment to know more about affordable dentures in Canberra.

Are there different types of dentures?

Depending on the number of teeth missing and the condition of your ‘gums’, your skilful dentist at Molonglo Dental Surgery will provide appropriate treatments options and alternatives for, if any.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable dentures can be made of acrylic and metal. Acrylic dentures are made of plastic-like material whereas metal dentures are known as cast partial dentures since they consist of a cast metal framework in acrylic resin fitted with artificial teeth.

Removable dentures are provided to patients who:

  • Lack a certain number of strong teeth to support dental crowns or bridges.
  • Have ‘gums’ or gingiva that is diseased or weak due to advanced age, trauma to the gums, many years of poor oral hygiene, underlying medical ailments or due to certain medications.
  • Do not have enough bone in the mouth due to advanced years, poor oral health, injury to the face or the mouth, in particular, or any medical disorders.

Although acrylic dentures are cheaper than cast partial dentures, they may not look very natural. Additionally, the acrylic material is not durable and warps over time. Hence, frequent adjustments and fittings are mandatory.

On the other hand, Cast partial dentures offer the following advantages over acrylic dentures:

  • Reduces the urgency of periodic fittings and adjustments.
  • The metal in the cast partial denture makes the denture more strong than an all acrylic denture.

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Complete Dentures

Complete or Conventional dentures are provided to patients who have lost or most of their teeth and the related structures.

You may need Complete Dentures for one or more of the following situations:

  • When you have lost all or most of your teeth to dental cavities.
  • When you suffer from a ‘gum’ disease that has caused all or most of your teeth to loosen and ‘hang’ inside your mouth.
  • When most or all of your teeth fell out or had to be removed due to some injury to your jaws.
  • You have a side-effect of a medical disease that caused all your teeth to fall out.
  • You’re on some medication that causes an irreversible swelling of your gums leading to eventual loss of teeth.

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Immediate dentures.

If the notion of being without teeth for several weeks is too embarrassing for you, Immediate dentures will ensure you are assured about your appearance after your front teeth are removed.

An immediate denture is built before all the remaining teeth have been removed. It is inserted immediately after the removal of the teeth.

Advantages of Immediate dentures:

  • Immediate dentures deliver your new teeth sooner
  • Saves you from social embarrassment since you won’t need to appear in public without any teeth.
  • Speech patterns are affected in absence of teeth. However, with immediate dentures, you needn’t worry about drastically altered phonics or pronunciation.
  • The prolonged absence of teeth causes your cheeks to fall in. However immediate dentures provide excellent support to your face muscles making sure they don’t sag until your permanent dentures are delivered.

Nonetheless, there are some difficulties associated with the placement of Immediate dentures:

  1. There won’t be any ‘try-in’ of the denture since it will be fabricated immediately. After the fabrication, it shall be delivered to you.
  2. You may have longer dental appointments.

Since they have been moulded to your gums before the teeth are extracted, you will be expected to visit your dentist for adjustments to ensure they fit properly.

Depending on the diagnosis made by the Dentist and her efficient team at Molonglo Dental Surgery, your friendly Canberra dentist will brief you about the procedure, any post-operative problems that you may face and the treatments expected thereafter.

Nonetheless, if you feel uncomfortable about getting Immediate dentures, please don’t hesitate to reach the best denture clinic in Canberra on +61262871222. Alternatively, you may email us at info@molonglodental.com.au.


An overdenture is a dental prosthesis that restores the missing natural teeth and associated tissues by receiving partial support from one or more modified natural tooth/teeth or dental implants.

Teeth-supported overdenture

  • extraction of teeth can be avoided
  • In case of a problem with the fitting on your natural teeth (tooth/teeth affected due to gum disease, dental caries or trauma), the overdenture can be relined and reused as a complete denture after necessary treatment.

However, in some cases, the shortcomings of getting an overdenture may outweigh the reasons for receiving a Tooth-supported overdenture. Enlisted are a few limitations:

  • Regular check-ups, cleaning and fluoride application are a must.

This, so your caring dentist and her team, at Molonglo Dental Clinic, can diagnose early and hence prevent any unwelcome sequelae.

  • The remaining natural teeth are likely to develop caries or weakened gum-support around, due to the rim of the overdenture.
  • Failure to maintain optimum oral hygiene will cause you to lose your remaining teeth leading to loss of the purpose of having an overdenture.

Overdentures supported by dental implants need an extensive check-up, diagnosis, pre-implant surgical procedures if any, placement of dental implants, healing and fusing of dental implants into your jaw bone and finally placing an overdenture.

Generally while restoring the upper and lower jaws with a full set of teeth, six to ten dental implants are recommended. However, some patients are not medically suitable or cannot afford additional surgeries for the same. In that case, we at Molonglo Dental Surgery offer our patients the option of the All-on-4 protocol.

Costs for both the doctor and the patient are reduced because of fewer surgeries, less surgical time and fewer implants used.

To be eligible for Implant-supported overdentures, our team at Molonglo Dental Surgery, deem it imperative to have a few pre- procedure check-ups and counselling for sufficient understanding of the surgical procedure. This may involve repeated appointments with our dentist and a few specialists as perceived.

We understand that undergoing a surgical procedure such as this could prove overwhelming mentally, physically and financially. Hence your sympathetic dentist at Molonglo Dental Surgery welcomes as many appointments as you need, to put you at ease.

In addition, we offer our patients Zip Pay, After-Pay and the National Dental Plan (NDP), powered by Certegy Ezi-Pay to afford expensive treatments.

What does that mean to you? Well, these plans offer patients an interest-free plan to spread treatment costs over smaller fortnightly payments. It’s that simple and transparent. Kindly visit our Payment Plan option to understand how we can help offer affordable dental implant dentures in our clinic.

Do dentures need special care?

In the case of Removable partial dentures and complete dentures, you will need to remove them and clean them with a denture cleaning agent and a toothbrush. The cleaning routine must be followed after meals. Before retiring to bed, dentures must be soaked in water to prevent them from drying. However, under special circumstances, your dentist may advise you to wear them overnight.

In addition, regular dental check-ups for changes in fitting and professional cleaning are mandatory.

Implant-supported dentures cannot be removed by you. They will remain in your mouth at all times. However, a visit to your dentist at Molonglo Dental Surgery, at least thrice a year is recommended so she can assess the condition of your dental implant and the denture that it supports. This will ensure timely intervention to avoid unwanted situations such as a loosened dental implant, broken denture or the start of gum disease. Based on the diagnosis made at the time of your visit, our team assures you of an honest and suitable treatment thereafter, if required.

We, at Molonglo Dental Surgery, understand that you may miss a few post-care instructions. To address that difficulty, we provide our patients with a Post-Operative Care plan for the dentures.

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Patient happiness is our priority. We strive to keep your smiles healthy, attractive, and bright. Stop procrastinating and discover an affordable and accessible dentist at Molonglo Dental Surgery today.

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