Payment Terms Policy


Molonglo Dental does not offer any credit facilities. All treatment Invoices shall be issued to the patients on the day of treatment and payments are to be made on the same day except for prior approval which shall be at the sole discretion of the practice.

Payment methods:

We accept Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Debit Card and Cheques. Payment via American Express are welcome but may incur fees.

Direct deposits may be accepted if prior approval has been taken from Molonglo Dental at the time of booking a treatment.

Payment may be accepted as a part of health fund rebate through the HICAPS system.

Responsible party:

The responsibility for making the payment for any treatment performed lies with the patient (parent or guardian in case of minors). In case of patient making payment via health funds which do not provide for full portion of the payment, or which is not processed due to any other reasons, the patient shall be responsible for making the payment in part or full as the case may be, on the day of the treatment.

If patient choose Private Health Insurance or third parties like (Medicare CDBS) to cover the payment for any treatment, it is the patient’s responsibility to check the eligibility with Medicare/Private Health Insurance. All the payment are to be made in full in case such where insurance provider or third parties fail to cover the payment due to their ineligibility or benefit limit reached.

Unsettled payments:

In cases of payment being unsettled due to an unforeseen circumstance, the patient will be contacted via email, phone, or mail within a week to settle any outstanding account. If the payment remains unsettled, Molonglo Dental reserves the right to send a letter of demand to the patient requiring payment and may refer the matter to debt collection services. All costs incurred towards such services shall be borne by the patient.

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