Guide to Our Process of Addressing Dental Anxiety in Children

Dental treatments represent a quite stressful activity that can influence all its participants, especially children. children often show their distress with an aversive behaviour which sometimes leads to management problems. According to an article in the European journal, parents play a key role in children’s behaviour at the dental office. An anxious or fearful parent

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The Best Way to Deal with Dental Problems Even in The Post-Pandemic Period.

The first case of novel coronavirus was confirmed by Victoria Health Authorities on 25 January 2020. Thereafter, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on the provision of health services to the Australian population. Additionally, people who were isolated and lost social connections further experienced increased levels of anxiety and depression-like symptoms. Reduced energy read more

Causes of Bad breath or Halitosis

Oral malodor, bad breath or Halitosis is an embarrassing disorder that affects a large percentage of the human population. According to a Say Ahh Study undertaken in association with the Melbourne Dental School, University of Melbourne, researchers found that more than half of the General Dental Practitioners reported seeing 1-10 patients with halitosis every week. read more

Tooth Coloured fillings

Composites or Resin composites or tooth-coloured fillings have been widely used as an alternative to mercury fillings for nearly 65 years since its inception in 1955. However, there have been extraordinary developments in technologies concerning esthetic restorative materials since then. A few surveys confirmed that most Australians are concerned with the detrimental effects of mercury. read more

Tooth trauma in a child

Children can injure their teeth when they tumble or while playing or during sports activities. The tooth trauma in a child may be to a baby tooth or an adult tooth. A tooth may crack, chip, come slightly loose after trauma or come out of its socket. Your child may have bleeding from the injured read more

Wisdom Teeth Removal Canberra Dentist

If you’re planning to have surgery to take out wisdom teeth, you should be aware of what to do following the surgery. In this blog, we will share with you important post-operative care tips, as well as complications to look out for. Post-operative care Practicing good post-operative care will help to achieve the best outcome

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Dental hygiene tips for infants and young toddlers

Tooth decay is one of the most common dental issues among infants and children. Not only painful, a decayed tooth can lead to problems like infections, abscesses, jaw pains and even gastrointestinal disorders. To help your child avoid developing tooth-ache causing cavities – small holes that develop on the outer surface of their teeth –

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COVID-19 Update: Your Oral Health in Post-COVID Environment

The Coronavirus has brought into sharp relief how our lives can be quickly disrupted by unforeseen events. Amid all the uncertainty, we’ve had to adjust our expectations and make drastic changes to the way we travel, attend school, the workplace, or even keeping routine medical appointments. As a responsible Canberra Dentist and Healthcare Provider, we

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