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What is Gum Disease?

Early detection and treatment of Gum Disease are critical to maintaining your dental health.

For more information on Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment, call our friendly team at Molonglo Dental Surgery on 02 6287 1222.

Do you have bleeding gums after brushing or flossing your teeth? Has the colour of your gums turned reddish for no apparent reason? Does it hurt when you chew or bite? If you have any of these symptoms that are often associated with gum disease, you are encouraged to come down for a dental check and evaluation. If you have already been diagnosed with gum disease, there’s no reason to panic either.

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we offer various treatment options to help treat gum disease. Depending on your periodontal condition, treatment options vary from antibiotic medication to scaling and root planning to surgical treatment.

Rather than treat the problem after the fact, the ideal method for countering Gum Disease is through prevention. Regular dental checkups are essential for monitoring your dental development and checking for any gum-related issues that are not immediately apparent. Periodic cleaning sessions are invaluable towards preventing plaque and tartar buildup in the mouth, which is the most likely cause for gum disease.

Whether for gum disease prevention or treatment, our dental team at Molonglo Dental Surgery can look after your gums at different stages of your dental health.

Gum disease is one of the most prevalent and progressive dental ailments affecting both children and adults. If you suspect that you or a loved one has any gum-related issues, do not delay.

For more information on Gum Disease Prevention and Treatment, call our friendly team at Molonglo Dental Surgery on 02 6287 1222.

What is Gum Disease?

When the microscopic bacteria in your mouth come into contact with mucus and food particles, they harden to form plaque. When plaque accumulates on your teeth over time, it can cause an inflammation of the gums known as gingivitis, which is an early onset of gum disease. Common symptoms of gingivitis include reddish, swollen or bleeding gums.

If the early onset of gum disease (Gingivitis) is not swiftly dealt with, it can develop into a more complicated problem known as Periodontitis, which can result in severe tooth damage and even tooth loss. Studies have even linked extreme cases of gum diseases to serious medical conditions like heart attack, diabetes, and stroke.

Gum disease treatment

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we offer a host of treatment options covering both preventive and non-surgical methods.

Professional dental cleaning: Regular dental checkups and professional cleaning will help you to keep gum issues in check and remove any plaque and tartar that normal brushing and flossing fail to get rid of. The frequency of visits depends on the condition of your gums.

Scaling and root planning: Using modern tools like ultrasonic scalers, our dentists use minimally invasive techniques to remove plaque and tartar from your gum line and smoothen out tooth roots that have been roughened by bacterial spots.

Medication: A course of antibiotics may be prescribed to help reduce bacterial build-up in your gums.

Prescription mouth rinse: A special mouth rinse that contains anti-microbial ingredients may be used to control the bacterial infection and promote healing of the tissues.

Patient education: Part of our drive to prevent gum disease involves educating patients on proper dietary habits and promoting our active maintenance program that covers routine cleaning as well as periodic visits to the clinic.

For early detection, prevention, and treatment of gum disease, call our friendly team at Molonglo Dental Surgery on 02 6287 1222.

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