Dental Bridge

What is a dental bridge?

Left untreated, missing teeth can result in a host of dental problems down the road.

Fill the gap and rejuvenate your smile with one of our high-quality Dental Bridge restorations. For more information, call our friendly team at Molonglo Dental Surgery on
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Dental Bridge

Missing teeth can result in a long-term impact on your bite, jaw alignment, and neighbouring teeth. If the gap is not filled with prosthetic teeth, the neighbouring teeth may drift into the vacated space over time, causing overlapping and irregularly spaced teeth. The misaligned teeth not only affect the aesthetics of your smile and the effectiveness of your bite, but they can also make it difficult for you to clean your teeth effectively. In the long run, this will hamper the normal growth, health, and integrity of the other teeth.

One of the available tooth replacement methods is that of the dental bridge. As compared to dental implants, dental bridges offer an affordable and minimally invasive method to replace one or more missing teeth. They also offer a more permanent solution as compared to removable dentures.

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, our dental bridges are crafted by highly trained dental artisans, using only quality materials. We offer different types of dental bridges for you to choose from: Fixed (non-removable), partial, permanent, removable or temporary. You can also pick the right material combination to fabricate the perfect dental bridge solution to suit your individual needs and budget, choosing from the following: Porcelain, ceramic, acrylic, silver alloy, gold, cast metal, porcelain fused to metal, etc.

Together, the quality materials and technological craftsmanship deliver dental bridges that showcase a unique blend of strength and natural aesthetics.

A dental bridge is a safe and affordable solution for replacing the missing tooth and restoring your beautiful smile.

For more information on our range of Dental Bridge solutions, call our friendly team at Molonglo Dental Surgery on 02 6287 1222.

What is a dental bridge?

In the last decade or so, this cosmetic dental solution has undergone a major transformation. Unlike dental bridges in the past, modern versions of the dental appliance possess an uncanny ability to mimic the colour, shape, and size of natural teeth.

The dental bridge is a dental appliance that features a few distinct parts: Prosthetic teeth (pontic) attached to a framework (bridge) that holds the artificial teeth in position to cover the gap. Both ends of the framework are anchored via abutments onto existing teeth on either side of the gap.

When applied by a dental professional using a suitable appliance for the specific case, dental bridges create healthy looking and aesthetically pleasing results.

What to expect for treatment

Treatment usually begins with an initial consultation followed by a thorough review of your teeth to evaluate whether you would make a suitable candidate for the procedure.

If you are found suitable, that means your neighbouring teeth are strong enough to support the appliance and the dentist will proceed to prepare the teeth in order for them to accommodate the appliance without introducing extra bulk in your mouth.

Next, a moulded impression of the site will be taken and a temporary bridge may be placed. The temporary bridge serves to present your full-mouth appearance and protect the site while you wait for the permanent bridge to be constructed at a dental lab, which typically takes 1-2 weeks. The second visit basically involves checking the site and installing the permanent bridge, making any final adjustments as necessary.

Do you have one or more missing tooth? A dental bridge can replace your missing teeth with aesthetically pleasing results.

For more information on our range of Dental Bridge solutions, call our friendly team at Molonglo Dental Surgery on 02 6287 1222.

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