Why having an after-hours Canberra dentist in your contacts is a good idea

Broadly speaking, any dental situation that results in prolonged or intermittent pain can qualify as a dental emergency and it would require the attention of an after-hours dentist.

You may have swollen gum, a problem with a filling, braces, or dentures. You may have suffered some form of trauma to the mouth as the result of an accident or fall. Or it could be due to a heavy blow to the face suffered during a sporting event, resulting in a broken or lost tooth. Whatever the dental crisis may be, the important thing is that the problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

When the inevitable happens, the last thing you need is to hear a phone message telling you operating hours have ended and to call again the next day.

 Afterhours Canberra dentist for patients busy during the day

Having a dental emergency is also not the only reason you’d want to keep the phone number of an after-hours Canberra dentist on the ready at all times.

Most of us work regular business hours and it’s not always easy to take time off from work to see a dentist. Most of our daily responsibilities outside of work, such as ferrying our children to and from school, grocery shopping, or going to the post office also occur during the day.

For those with a hectic daytime schedule, it can be frustrating to find your dental clinic closed during the only hours when you can afford the time to see the dentist.

Now imagine the frustration when you or a loved one requires the emergency services of a Canberra dentist only to be told the clinic is closed for the day.

 At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we understand that certain things cannot wait – and a dental emergency is certainly one of those things.

That is why we make it a point to set aside hours in a day to provide for emergency cases because you never know when one will strike.

To accommodate the emergency cases, we’ve extended our business hours on weekdays (8.30 am – 7 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays; 8.30 am – 6 pm on Thursdays and Fridays), and we’re open on Weekends (9 am – 1 pm). We have even made our services available for appointments by request on public holidays!

 All of our after-hours appointments are reserved for emergencies. Some dental appointments to see an emergency Canberra dentist may incur a call-out fee if the staff is required to return to the clinic. You would be notified of this fee when making the appointment.

These call-out fees are necessary to compensate staff surcharge for their after-hours services, and the additional time it takes a dentist to prepare the surgery and to get it ready before the patient arrives.


The MDS Difference

In keeping with our philosophy of providing Affordable Dentistry for the Canberra patient community, Molonglo Dental Surgery offers affordable call-out fees.

Our surgery will reimburse 25% of your after-hours emergency charges, for patients who follow-up on all treatment plan appointments with our clinic, following their afterhours dental emergency appointment. In so doing, we are not only helping to treat the pain suffered as a result of the dental emergency but also minimize the ‘pain’ of paying the full treatment costs for a dental emergency. Furthermore, we do not charge callout fees for kids under 12.

If you need an after-hours Canberra dentist who can help you with Canberra dental emergency care, book an appointment with our Friendly Canberra Dentist in Molonglo Valley – contact Molonglo Dental Surgery at 02 6287 1222.  

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