Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Facial Injectables

Reduce facial wrinkles, creases, or furrows with the surgery-free option of Cosmetic Facial Injectables!

Want to turn back the clock and rediscover your youthful beauty? Book an appointment with our Friendly Cosmetic Dentist in Molonglo Valley, contact Molonglo Dental Surgery at 02 6287 1222.   

Age has a way of sneaking up on you! Before you know it, wrinkles are appearing around the eyes, nose and lips. Your facial muscles start to sag and lose the fullness it once had. Your cheeks start to droop and creases begin to show…

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we adopt the latest non-surgical techniques in Cosmetic Facial Injectables to help you soften creases and wrinkles as well as plump up saggy skin. It’s definitely the gentler and more innovative way to counter the effects of aging. 

Using the world’s most popular minimally invasive facial treatment for cosmetic purposes, we can help you achieve the desired results of a firm, smooth and ageless visage right here in the comfortable clinical environment of our dentist’s office!

Backed by a wealth of experience in achieving precise clinical objectives balanced with a flair for facial aesthetics, Dr Monica Sharma is a Cosmetic Dentist that clearly knows the intricacies of facial beauty. 

She has intimate knowledge of the relationship between the lips, teeth and face, knowing what it takes to achieve the right facial symmetry to not only produce the ideal smile, but one that is in proportional balance with all your facial features. That puts her in a unique position that intersects both the clinical and facial beauty worlds.

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, you not only enjoy the top-notch professional delivery of the injectable therapy, you can also find assurance in our comfortable clinical environment that is designed to handle routinely intricate procedures. Best of both worlds, really!

To find out the many ways that we can enhance your facial appearance with Cosmetic Facial Injectables, book an appointment with our Friendly Cosmetic Dentist in Molonglo Valley, contact Molonglo Dental Surgery at 02 6287 1222.   

What are Cosmetic Facial Injectables?

There are a several types of Cosmetic Facial Injectables but may be broadly categorised as either Relaxing Agents or Filling Agents. 

As the name suggests, relaxing agents help to ease the tension around the muscles that are causing your wrinkles. This is a very effective way of smoothening out the wrinkles with long-lasting results. 

Filling agents works in the opposite direction. It involves the injection of a gel-like substance under or within a targeted area of your skin. By filling in the wrinkled and sagging regions of your skin, this method works wonders for rejuvenating the bounce and volume associated with youthful skin

Depending on your specific skin condition and individual wants, the cosmetic dentist would recommend the type of product or method that best suits you.

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we use Cosmetic Facial Injectables either as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with other treatments (including smile makeover) to achieve the beautiful results you have in mind!

With a relatively painless and quick treatment – imagine reducing up to 10, 20 years of age in just 10 minutes! – you can achieve a natural looking appearance with highly predictable outcomes. Better yet, the results are not permanent so no life-altering decisions are necessary when you choose our option.

With Cosmetic Facial Injectables, you can say ‘no’ to expensive and permanent surgery!

Contact Molonglo Dental Surgery at 02 6287 1222 to discover the range of cosmetic injectable treatments we offer.  

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