Managing Stress & Anxiety Before Your Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Whether you’ve undergone oral surgery in the past or it’s your first time, the prospect of wisdom tooth removal can induce a touch of apprehension. At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we understand that it’s normal to feel a bit nervous, even when you’re in good hands.

Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Common and Affordable Procedure

Feeling anxious about your upcoming wisdom tooth removal? It’s a common sentiment as the surgery date approaches. At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we want to assure you that wisdom tooth removal is not only a routine dental procedure but also an affordable one. While the fear of dental procedures is valid, our team is here to guide you through the process, making it as comfortable as possible.

What Is an Impacted Tooth and Why is Removal Necessary?

An impacted tooth is one that fails to emerge within the expected developmental timeframe and remains retained unless extracted or surgically exposed. In simple terms, a tooth may become impacted due to insufficient space in the mouth. Common causes include neighbouring teeth vying for space, dense overlying bone, excessive soft tissue, or genetic abnormalities. Factors like premature loss of milk teeth, early arrival of primary teeth, and sometimes unexplained reasons contribute to this lack of space, particularly in the young.

Impacted teeth, particularly wisdom teeth, may grow improperly, causing various issues. These problems include teeth staying hidden in the gums, partial growth leading to infections, and crowding or damaging nearby teeth.

Dentists often recommend early removal, typically between ages  20 to 22, to avoid complications. The Australian Dental Association suggests extraction in cases of pain, infections, cysts, tumours, tooth or gum damage, widespread decay, or difficulty deciding. Consulting with a dentist or oral surgeon is crucial to determine the best course of action.

Managing Anxiety: Practical Tips Before Your Procedure

Dealing with pre-surgery anxiety is a common challenge. Here are some practical tips to help you navigate through it:

  • Bring a Supportive Companion: Having someone close to you accompany you to your appointment can provide comfort, whether they’re allowed in the procedure room or waiting with you before and after.
  • Communicate Your Fears: Share your concerns with your oral surgeon. They can recommend steps to minimise your fears, such as using hand signals to indicate your readiness during the procedure.
  • Enjoy Music or Podcasts: Relax with your favourite music or podcast before and, depending on the treatment, during your procedure. It can help create a more soothing environment.
  • Practice Deep Breathing: Incorporate deep breathing exercises before, during, and after your procedure to keep anxiety at bay and minimise hyperventilation.
  • Educate Yourself: Knowledge is power. Discuss any questions you have with your doctor to gain a clear understanding of what to expect during the treatment and recovery process, alleviating anxiety and fear.

At Molonglo Dental Surgery, our dedicated team of caring and experienced oral surgeons is committed to ensuring you feel safe and comfortable throughout the entire wisdom tooth removal process.

If you have any concerns or questions, regarding Wisdom Teeth Removal surgery, reach out to us for more information. Your oral health and well-being are our top priorities.

To find out how Molonglo Dental Surgery can better serve the oral care needs of you and your family, give us call at 02 6287 1222.   

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