Keeping your teeth healthy: Sugar snacks to avoid

The tooth enamel is the strongest substance in the human body. Hence, teeth can withstand fire and the grave. Your dentition indeed contributes to a lovely smile, the shape of your face and the pronunciation of speech. However, their primary function is to tear and grind food for digestion in the stomach.

Current diets have changed the configuration and type of bacteria in our mouth. A diet high in sugar, carbohydrates or processed foods/drinks causes the bacteria in the mouth to multiply and initiate or exacerbate the process.

According to your friendly Canberra dentist at the best dental clinic in Canberra, it is advisable to avoid the following sugary snacks or nibbles to avoid tooth decay:

Sweetened fruit juices or beverages

A recent study conducted in Victoria, Australia cited an increased consumption of fruit juice at about 22% at 12 months to about 77% at 4 years of age.

sugars from the fruit juice on the tooth surface are the energy sources for the bacteria. The bacteria break down the tooth and initiate or aggravate the Dental decay process.

Chewy and sticky foods

Foods such as lollies, liquorice, caramel, bubble gum, lollies, and boiled sweets are some foods to avoid eating frequently. The high sugar content of these edibles makes the teeth prone to dental caries.

Cakes and cookies

Sugar is added to baked foodstuffs to improve the flavour and make them more appealing. Eating cakes, cookies, sweet rolls, cobblers, Rocky Roads or such foods with too much sugar will accelerate the decaying of the teeth.


Ice cream has been a treat for all since time immemorial. the widespread popularity of this dessert has resulted in the burgeoning of an assortment of unique flavours. However, this popular dessert, if eaten often, can weaken tooth enamel and help begin dental cavities.

Most breakfast cereals and cereal bars

Cereal bars and breakfast cereals are a quick way to grab breakfast, especially if you’re in a hurry. However, upon reading the ingredients on the box or the packet, you will be quick to realize that the cereal bar could very well be a candy bar.
Hence your caring dentist at Molonglo Dental Surgery advises consumption of sugary breakfast cereals or cereal bars with caution. Smoothies with natural yoghurt and fruits, healthier versions of bread or unsweetened pancakes are good breakfast options.

Flavoured coffees and iced teas
A hot summer day may get you reaching for that iced flavoured coffee or a refreshing ice tea at the local coffee shop. However, the amount of sugar in these beverages is alarming!

Since these simple sugars form a favourite with the cavity-causing bacteria, it is best to avoid these beverages.

Store-bought sauces, dips and premade soups
Barbeque sauce makes a delicious dip or a mouth-watering marinade. Ketchup is an all-time favourite with a Juicy burger or fries. However, most of these sauces and dips contain Enormous amounts of sugar.
To curb your excess ‘hidden sugar’ intake, it is always advisable to read the labels and make a healthier choice.

At the best dental clinic in Canberra, your sympathetic Canberra dentist understands that sometimes sugary snacks can’t be avoided. In that case, we recommend a check-up and diet counselling to help our efficient team to help you make healthier choices.

Additionally, the following pointers may help in neutralising the acidic environment in your mouth after the consumption of sugary drinks or snacks:

1. Rinsing your mouth after consuming sweetened drinks or foods. However, it is recommended to avoid brushing within 30 minutes of food consumption.

2. Substituting sugary foods or beverages with either water or milk, where possible.

3. Understanding the benefits of a ‘good dental’ diet.

Countries such as the United Kingdom, France, India, Thailand, South Africa, and Mexico have adopted Sugar-Sweetened Beverage taxes. However, Australia has not been successful in doing the same on account of opposition from political parties. Hence it’s no surprise that Australia is regarded as one of the highest per capita consumers of sugar-sweet drinks.

Your kind dentist at Molonglo Dental Surgery understands that sometimes making the right diet choices is difficult. Hence we urge you to permit us to help you by booking a consultation appointment and educating yourself about the importance of fluoride toothpaste and fluoride treatments in the clinic.

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