Dental Veneers: Cosmetic Enhancement of your Teeth

Face it, we live in an appearance-conscious world where the way we look to others matter a great deal. If you think about it, one of the ways in which to make ourselves more endearing to people around us is to wear a sincere smile wherever we go. That can be a daunting prospect if we are not confident about our smiles, because of some aesthetic flaws or imperfections related to our teeth.

There are many different ways to beautify or correct a person’s smile and one of the most direct and common ways is through the use of dental veneers.

In fact, known as a dental cosmetic procedure, veneers are created for the sole purpose of beautifying your teeth. Although dental veneers are not designed to restore functionality or health to your teeth, they are known to transform a plain looking smile into one that is radiant and attractive. Perhaps that is the reason they have been terms Hollywood’s best kept secret for some time. It’s true that many celebrities have had veneers done simply because it doesn’t take lengthy procedures or long healing times to obtain a beautiful smile, practically overnight.

Yes, the secret is out! Dental veneers make a great treatment option if you have been struggling with crooked, chipped or gappy teeth – especially if the dentist has exhausted all other means to fix them. Whatever you’re dental flaws or imperfections, dental veneers are designed to conceal them while giving the natural appearance of beautiful teeth.

Veneers are essentially ultra-thin shells made from porcelain or composite resin material that are permanently bonded to your teeth to create a perfectly contoured, pristine looking smile. Veneers can help to close gaps, correct alignment and discolouration without the need for expensive or painful dental surgery. The amazing transformative results of your veneered teeth means that they can look as natural as the teeth that you were born with – and they look real even upon close inspection.

The porcelain material, in particular, is prized for its uncanny resemblance to enamel, the outer layer of our natural teeth. Porcelain even reflects and reacts to light the same way enamel does, making them virtually impossible to tell apart.

Besides their life-like attributes, porcelain dental veneers are highly resistant to stains. You can continue to enjoy your teas and coffees, and not have to be overly concerned about staining your veneered teeth. Of course, just like your natural teeth, veneers will still stain if exposed to regular consumption of pigmented food and drinks.

Whether for single or multiple teeth, dental veneers make a great cosmetic dental option. They are recommended for those who are not completely satisfied with appearance of their teeth but otherwise, have good, healthy underlying teeth to support the bonded veneers.

Although veneers may be considered expensive, a properly bonded veneer can last for many years. In terms of lifestyle benefits, they do not require you to change your eating or teeth cleaning habits. Most importantly, properly bonded veneers look and feel just like your own teeth.

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