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At Molonglo Dental Surgery, we want to offer our patients the best of what modern dentistry has to offer while making sure that we provide an effective treatment in a comfortable environment while delivering the kind of results that will give our patients even more reasons to smile. 

FASTBRACES® is exactly the kind of technology that ticks all the boxes – and still manages to give a little more. Fastbraces® is also, yep, fast!   

With FASTBRACES®, teens and adults alike can look forward to a gorgeous straight smile in as little as 3 months. Boasting a patented bracket design, FASTBRACES® harnesses the flexible power of nickel-titanium wire to simultaneously straighten both the root and crown of the teeth. The result is a completely safe and much more comfortable treatment process than traditional braces – taking only about half the time!




FASTBRACES® Technology is an advanced orthodontic treatment that caters to both adults and kids.

It is designed to gently move your teeth to their targeted position in a fast and efficient manner. It can be used to correct a variety of alignment issues, including: 

  • Crowded Teeth: Not enough room on jaw for teeth that leads to overcrowding; 
  • Gapped Teeth: Excessive/ uneven space between teeth due to jaw size being disproportionate to tooth/roots size;
  • Open Bite: Upper front teeth not properly aligned with lower front teeth;
  • Overbite: Upper teeth protrude past lower teeth; and
  • Crossbite: Misalignment involving both upper and lower jaws.


Advantages of FASTBRACES®

Unlike traditional braces that employ a two-phase treatment – i.e. moving your crowns in one year and your roots the next – FASTBRACES® moves all your target teeth simultaneously. Due to its amazing mechanics and materials, you get a fast, affordable safe treatment.  

Discover out some of its biggest patient benefits below:

Comfortable treatment

FASTBRACES® employs an innovative triangular bracket working in unison with the flexible nickel-titanium wire to simultaneously move both the roots and crowns of your teeth. The flexibility of the wire allows for less pressure and discomfort for the patient.

Since tooth extraction is not required for the vast majority of cases, FASTBRACES® patients are more likely to preserve their existing healthy teeth as compared to conventional orthodontics. Although some discomfort is associated with the treatment, FASTBRACES® is known to be less painful and to generate less friction than other conventional orthodontic treatment.

Reduced treatment time

The accelerated orthodontic system uses triangular brackets and a single wire to move your teeth more gently and efficiently than traditional braces. What you end up with in just a matter of months is a beautiful smile and properly aligned teeth. In fact, the treatment is so fast that teeth movement may be experienced on the very first day of wearing FASTBRACES®, and some patients report seeing results only after a few weeks of treatment!

More affordable treatment

As compared to conventional orthodontic treatment, FASTBRACES® offers faster treatment at significantly lower costs. Typically requiring only a few visits to the dentist, FASTBRACES® saves traveling time and money – not to mention the associated costs of time and money better spent elsewhere than commuting to and from the clinic.

Discreet treatment

Do you wish to undergo your teeth straightening treatment away from prying eyes? FASTBRACES® offers a clear option to give you a discreet treatment. We also offer clear ceramic brackets – which utilize the same self-litigating mechanics of the metal-coloured brackets – that perform with equal effectiveness. 

FASTBRACES® is safe and comfortable teeth straightening treatment that achieves results in months, not years! It’s suitable for both kids and adults!

To find out how we can correct your orthodontic problem fast and efficiently, why not book an appointment with our friendly Dentist in Molonglo Valley? Contact Molonglo Dental Surgery at 02 6287 1222.